September 23, 2016:
You can let fall the masks we seem to need to survive in a cutthroat world. There is a value of truth that we typically don't find in other parts of life.

-John O'Donohue


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Sometimes bigger is better – like when it comes to a tax refund, sumo wrestlers, white sand beaches and fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Bigger is Fine. Smarter is Best.

But bigger is not good enough when it comes to resolving complicated and contentious disputes, negotiating complex contracts or launching successful ventures. Then, smarter is best.  A smarter law firm makes its clients’ goals its own and finds extraordinary ways of solving challenging problems.  We approach each engagement with commitment and drive because we know that “good enough” never is.

If you are looking for smarter, there is good news – you’ve found us.


Meltzer Law Offices is a Framingham based firm with a borderless practice. We represent individuals, businesses and business people in complex legal disputes, transactions and corporate matters. We deliver outstanding results – that is, results that meet our client’s needs. We have drive, judgment, and creativity. We are tireless advocates and tough negotiators. We are accessible, responsive and proactive. We think about exit strategy from the start and provide clients with our best assessment of where the case is and where it is going. We are in the business of law; but we are understand that our clients are not.

Our creativity begins at the beginning.  We are happy to discuss alternative fee arrangements including modified contingent fee agreements in non-traditional matters.